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My family has been a farmer for generations, and until my grandfather's generation, I made a living from forestry and rice cultivation.

After switching to flowering and tree cultivation such as azaleas in my father's generation, especially when the bubble economy was brilliant, I was often driven out and worked hard to help.

Unzen City is located in the northern part of the Shimabara Peninsula, and vegetables such as potatoes and onions are cultivated actively.
The warehouse and shipping place for Unzen Kurihara Negi is located at the foot of Mt. Fugen in Unzen, in the middle and mountainous areas at an altitude of about 250 m, and the prefectural Hyakkadai Park is nearby.

Unzen, Shimabara Peninsula, one of the most fertile land in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Various graces have been nurtured there since ancient times.

To inherit the family line that has been made alive by the soil.

I started farming in earnest in October 2004 when I was 35 years old. It was triggered by my father's sudden death due to an unexpected accident. It was just after switching to white onion cultivation because the bubble burst and the number of public works projects decreased sharply and the number of flowers and trees such as roadside trees became sluggish.
At that time, green onions were planted in the field in an area of about 20a, and seedlings were also being grown. After seeing such a situation, I decided to become a successor, quit the company I worked for for many years, and returned to my parents' house with my wife and four children.


It was a tougher world than I had expected.


Then, farming with my wife begins.
I packed the white onions that became my father's keepsake and brought them to the market, but the green onions in my house without shipping adjustment were bought and beaten for 50 to 60 yen in 10 bundles in one box. Thing.

I didn't know how to grow it properly, and I couldn't get a loan because I had no track record and couldn't get a loan.

In this way, my first year of farming was a day of experience that I had never experienced before.

To connect the "now" that we finally built to the "future".

After that, I learned the technique little by little while learning from the local white onion producers, and in the 4th year I was able to make excellent products. The scale has been expanded with the help of those around us, and now we are engaged in production with an area of over 7ha. As the demand for processed foods and commercial products increases, we are also focusing on such needs. By doing so, we will deliver delicious "Unzen Kurihara green onions" through stable agricultural management that is not affected by market prices and safe and secure cultivation efforts.


We were one of the first in the region to accept foreign trainees.

Currently, we have more than 40 fields in Unzen City, and we have achieved year-round shipping with cultivation methods tailored to each land.

A total of nine people, including myself, my wife, my son and his wife, and all the foreign technical intern trainees, are doing their best.



Unzen Kurihara green onions


Mitsuhiro Kurihara


1448-39 Taira Bo, Kunimi-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture

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