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Mt. Unzen, which rises in the center of the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture, brings undulating terrain and volcanic ash soil. At the foot of the mountain, in our field at an altitude of 450m, we are cultivating white onions by taking advantage of such a place. It gives only ripe compost in the highlands with high breathability and water permeability, and boasts a rich sweetness, fragrant flavor, and a crisp texture. Reduce the amount of pesticides to less than half of normal so that you can eat with confidence. The scallions that have been dug out are dried in the sun to remove excess water and then shipped the same day. We deliver the best green onions to everyone due to the environment, conditions, and generous effort. Please enjoy "Unzen Kurihara green onion" which pursues high quality and deepens the taste.

Producer Mitsuhiro Kurihara

At Mt. Unzen, the quality is exceptionally high and the taste is deep.

About Unzen Kurihara green onions

The mold, flavor, and texture are condensed into each one. You can fully enjoy the goodness of white onions.

About us

I will talk about the past, present, and future of my home, which has walked along with the nature of the Shimabara Peninsula.

Work to make food for life

Agriculture is the work of nurturing the source of life. That is why I am working hard day and night to make something as good as possible.

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